REAL WEDDING at Drowsy Chaperone: 11-22-05

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REAL WEDDING at Drowsy Chaperone: 11-22-05#0
Posted: 11/23/05 at 4:41am
I just saw Drowsy Chaperone at the Ahmanson in Los Angeles and there was a wedding. The show started out 7 years ago as a wedding gift to Bob Martin and his wife. His friends made a few funny songs instead of strippers or anything like that and Bob loved the songs. This led to the concept of the musical that it is today.

Anyways one of the producers, Roy Miller, decided that in honor of the show and the way it began would get married on stage. After the curtain call Mr. Martin explained to the audience that there would be a real wedding and we were all invited to stay. He did extra coaxing because they could have easily added this to the show as a bit and it would've worked. Luckily people started believing him. The groom walked out and then the bride, with the orchestra performing the wedding march beautifully, and they were married. The cast acted as the wedding party and sang a reprise of "I Do, I Do In The Sky" and it was over.
Oh, when Martin should have said,"by the powers vested in me", he actually said, "by the powers given to me via the internet..."

So the show was incredibly funny and extremely adorable that there was a real wedding at the end of it all.
"First and foremost I want to thank God, because there is no way that somebody with my name from South St. Louis ends up at Radio City Music Hall holding one of these without some divine intervention" -- Norbert Leo Butz (Tony Speech)