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What do you get signed??

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What do you get signed??#0
Posted: 10/31/05 at 9:32pm

I am curious, cause i ended up getting my program signed when i went last time to ny.

But then i thought later and i was like, no one really puts programs on their wall, or dislays them.

so do you guys get programs, playbills, or posters??

i was thinking of doing posters, but even that unless you are displaying is a waist.
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re: What do you get signed??#1
Posted: 10/31/05 at 9:34pm
I tend to either have the playbill signed and then hang that on the wall or if it's BCEFA time, I'll buy the signed window card.
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re: What do you get signed??#2
Posted: 10/31/05 at 9:36pm
Most of the time playbills. Sometimes I'll be holding the playbill and program in one hand so performers end up signing both.
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re: What do you get signed??#3
Posted: 10/31/05 at 9:39pm
I usually get the playbill signed always, but if I want it for my wall, I buy a window card.
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re: What do you get signed??#4
Posted: 10/31/05 at 9:43pm
I get the front of my playbills signed...and then I frame them and rejoice in the memories of meeting wonderful musical theatre performers....


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re: What do you get signed??#5
Posted: 10/31/05 at 9:46pm
I stage door nearly every show I see and always get the playbills signed. If the show is a musical and has a cast recording, I bring that along to get it signed. I also bring CD covers from previous shows...for example, when I stage doored The Odd Couple, I also brought my Producers CD cover and got that signed in addition to the playbill. (Nathan and Matthew were both very nice) For shows I *really* love, I buy the poster and the souvenir program and get those signed as well. The only show so far that I got a signed playbill, CD cover, poster and souvenir program is Light in the Piazza. re: What do you get signed??
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re: What do you get signed??#6
Posted: 10/31/05 at 9:50pm
I get Playbills signed and I have a box where I keep them all in my room.
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re: What do you get signed??#7
Posted: 10/31/05 at 10:09pm
Usually a program (one of which I did frame)or Playbill.

But I've also had the following signed...

A ticket

One of those cheap framed prints of show posters you buy from street vendors (it was a sort of retro-active autograph)

A paperback cover

The sleeve of my beloved leather jacket

And friends have had performers sign shirts.
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re: What do you get signed??#8
Posted: 10/31/05 at 11:13pm
If there is a souvenier program, I'll get that signed on the front cover. If not, then I'll get the playbill signed.

If I'm a big fan of the performer that's in the show I'm seeing, then I'll bring ONE other thing from another show to get signed if it isnt signed already. For example, I had Denis O'Hare sign my sweet charity playbill (because there wasnt a program at the time) and he was delighted to see that I had my assassins cd booklet with me for him to sign.
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re: What do you get signed??#9
Posted: 11/1/05 at 12:50am
I have a really great denim jacket that is like a who's who hall of fame so if I can that gets signed first. I also like to get the coffe mugs from the show signed and sometimes the caps or the show jacket if I must. I have 2 CD's of each show, one gets signed & framed & the other is for use. There is one performer that I am thinking about having sign my arm and having it tatoo'd on.
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re: What do you get signed??#10
Posted: 11/1/05 at 1:04am
I always go on the official website of the show and print out a (legal) picture. I just got this signed at See What I Wanna See last weekend:

re: What do you get signed??

I usually check with staff first to see if it's ok. It has been everytime accept for once and then I got a Playbill. The actors usually really like them too!

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re: What do you get signed??#11
Posted: 11/1/05 at 1:10am
I just get playbills signed. I already feel weird asking for just one signiture, so I don't think I could bust out with multiple things for them to sign.

And then I stack them up on my desk collecting dust, because I have no place to put them.

I was at Karmine Aler's last show as Mimi and one (really freaky fan) girl got her to sign the stash. I thought it was cute, but the girl herself weirded me out.
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re: What do you get signed??#12
Posted: 11/1/05 at 8:41am
I generally get a playbill signed if I am doing stagedoor, but when I saw Michael McKeon as Edna in Hairspray, I had him sign an 8x10 b&w glossy of Spinal Tap (it was a publicity photo of the band, not a promo of the movie) and when he walked by me as he was signing tons of Hairspray merch, I said "excuse me, Mr. St. Hubbins" and he stopped turned and smiled, and he even signed the pic "David St. Hubbins" (his Spinal Tap character). That was a great moment. He was like "wow" when he saw the photo. To top it off, my friend who I was with had an 8x10 b&w glossy of the cast of Clue and he was happy to sign that as well. It was a great night.
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re: What do you get signed??#13
Posted: 11/1/05 at 9:03am
My forehead.

It depends on the person. Usually a playbill from the show they were in, but if it's someone really important to me, I'll find something more exciting, like a CD or a poster. I try to get creative, but it doesn't always work. I've got everything from Playbills to random pieces of paper from my mom's purse, posters to old stage door photos.
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re: What do you get signed??#14
Posted: 11/1/05 at 9:21am
people have been getting Mimi's to sign their stashes for years, I don't think it would phase any actress who was asked.

I usually get a playbill signed, unless I've been to the show before, then probably nothing, or a poster if I'm willing to drop the cash. Once I asked Marcy to sign a copy of 'Sorrows and Rejoicings' (that she's on the cover of, heh) after Lennon, that's it though, I think.
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re: What do you get signed??#15
Posted: 11/1/05 at 9:24am
I once stumbled upon the Boy from Oz stage door when Hugh was going in and had him sign a post-it note. re: What do you get signed?? Other than that, I always get the Playbill signed and then hang it on the wall going down to my basement. Although I'm starting to run out of room so I guess I'll need to find a new place (or cut back on shows - yeah right).
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re: What do you get signed??#16
Posted: 11/1/05 at 9:36am
Getting Karmine to sign the stash wasn't what freaked me out, it was the rest of her behavior. It was...a bit much, with the crying and ranting. Like if Karmine weren't so nice, she probably would have wanted to run away.
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re: What do you get signed??#17
Posted: 11/1/05 at 10:16am
I don't normally stage door, but when I send mail, I normally send pictures of the actor in performance, or if they are an understudy, a headshot.
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re: What do you get signed??#18
Posted: 11/1/05 at 10:19am
I have 4 posters that are signed; but I don't normally prefer posters because they're too big. They take up too much wall space.
I prefer to get Playbills signed. They look nice when they are framed and hanging on the wall.
I also have a couple of signed CD jackets, but I like to keep them with the CDs, so I don't hang those.
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