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Rare chance to catch PROMISES, PROMISES

Rare chance to catch PROMISES, PROMISES#0
Posted: 10/29/05 at 12:28pm
Burt Bacharach only wrote one Broadway show and sadly it isn't even performed all that often. We all know and love Bacharach for his classic 60s and 70s love songs (even if you didn't know they were his - think the original Austin Powers soundtrack plus tons of other popular recordings).

But this is a great show - it's really funny and the score has some really great numbers. (Bacharach even won a Grammy for the score, not to mention the Tonys and Tony nomination that the show itself picked up.) Unfortunately it's not a show that gets revived very often so every musical theatre groupie that can get him or herself to Boston in December should make their way over to the Boston Center for the Arts to check it out.

For more info you should hit or the box office 617-933-8600.
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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
re: Rare chance to catch PROMISES, PROMISES#1
Posted: 10/29/05 at 12:35pm
This is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE shows! I hope this revival is a success. This show need to see the light of day more often!