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What NOT to do when auditioning for a college

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i disagree with havign a music book..... I was taught always have photocopies in the clear sleeves in a binder then the accompinast can spread all the music out if they choose!

Also overprepare songs.... i went into 2 audiitons for college where the guy before me sang the same song so i quick flipped through my binder and found another apropriate peice.... also if your auditioners wanna see you do a diffrent typ they can see soemthing else.... i sang a bllad then they asked for a comedy song on the spot....

Be prepared for them to ask you to do anything....if they sing Memory while being a cat with three legs and one eye you do your best to be that cat..... everyone wants someone they can work with and won't fight with....

Most importantly be yourself....relax and have fun...yes these auditions are important but don't forget you love this and you should always be having fun...

also Dress in bright colors so you stand out above the rest and obviously don't pick over used peices