Rosemary Harris Makes A Surprise Visit At SETC


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#0Rosemary Harris Makes A Surprise Visit At SETC
Posted: 3/4/05 at 10:50pm

"I asked my daughter if she had any advice for all the young aspiring actors, here. She said:

'Yes, acting can't be taught - go home.'"

LOVE THIS WOMAN! It was like Broadway: The Golden Age but LIVE.

She replaced Sharon Lawrence, who canceled. I would take Harris over Lawrence any day.

"The Spectacle has, indeed, an emotional attraction of its own, but, of all the parts, it is the least artistic, and connected least with the art of poetry. For the power of Tragedy, we may be sure, is felt even apart from representation and actors. Besides, the production of spectacular effects depends more on the art of the stage machinist than on that of the poet."



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