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Terrence McNally exemplifies the moral decay of America!

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5/12/03 getting married. To a much younger MAN!

Those 55% of Americans who oppose gay marriage on moral grounds are collectively gasping for air in shock and horror!

As a person who is not a fan of McNally's work, I have only one thing to say.

Congratulations, gentlemen! Terrence McNally exemplifies the moral decay of America! May you have many years of happiness together!
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Updated On: 12/21/03 at 11:30 AM
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Master, you're so right. If only he hadn't taken -- I'm sorry --a trophy wife. I mean there are so many unattached 60-65 year old men out there who need sweet, stable partners. Oh, Terrence, somebody has to be a role model. You went and pulled a Donald and Marla, you devil.

When I calm down, I just hope he showers his love, valour and compassion on his new love, and that they live happily forever. And for a wedding present, seriously: how about the Kennedy Center honors in 2004? I want the two McNallys sitting in the box behind Laura and that flag-wrapped homophobic mom of the year, Lynn Cheney, the guys' matching bands gleaming for the cameras. Just as W pushes for an amendment to ban gay marriage, he'll have to welcome a couple to the White House he'd otherwise prefer didn't exist.
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Well, I had no idea Terrence has cancer. I hope he recovers fully. As for his union, congrats. As for his plays, YUCK!
As for the Kennedy Honor, that'll happen...when we get a Democrat back in the Big House.