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The Producers doing any talk shows?

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The Producers doing any talk shows?#0
Posted: 11/19/03 at 2:04am
I know they certainly don't need the publicity for the show, they've been SO much free press lately. But do you think they'll hit up Letterman or anything?
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re: The Producers doing any talk shows?#1
Posted: 11/19/03 at 8:21am
Once Nathan is back and they start to brush up their Brooks, you'll see them around, there will be major press, if nothing else they'll be treating their return as if the show is opening for the first time, trust me once the "RETURN" was decided a nice lil' marketing plan was put into effect, Matthew and Nathan adore the show and they really want it to correct it's box office slide, but they can't stay with it forever.
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re: re: The Producers doing any talk shows?#2
Posted: 11/19/03 at 10:15am
Matthew is overdue for a visit on Letterman. If Stepford Wives EVER wraps, he'll be free to do so. They can compare notes on their baby boys, too. I'm sure we can expect other appearances by one or both of them.