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My visits with ANNA...& CABARET

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My visits with ANNA...& CABARET#0
Posted: 11/18/03 at 6:44am
Spent a great 2 days in NY; went to the ANNA IN THE TROPICS opening and then caught CABARET Monday night. I agree with AlDente's review of the show. But I'd never been to an opening night before, so something about it was very special. Unfortunately, I knew how it ended, so it wasn't as shocking.
But all in all, a very poignant play.
CABARET was fantastic. I'd seen it once before with Molly Ringwald and John Stamos and enjoyed it a lot, even if I knew that there were far better actors/singers to be seen in those 2 roles. And I found them in Adam Pascal and Susan Egan. They were both superb all around. Adam was very great and the only disappointing thing was at the end of ACT I when he drops his drawers, I found a VERY flat tush!!! lol...
But everything else he brought to it certainly made up for it.
And P.S. - If you even resemble a student (in age), sweet talk the blonde box office gal and she can sell you the tables right at the stage (on either side) for the student price. All I know is I got the most expensive seats for $45 each!
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
re: My visits with ANNA...& CABARET#1
Posted: 11/18/03 at 1:02pm
you can sweet talk her if you are young and cute. LOL.

ha ha! You guys got the short version.. I got a phone call and was told the long version with many interesting details... I wanna go to an opening!!!!!! David had FUN
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re: My visits with ANNA...& CABARET#2
Posted: 11/18/03 at 7:59pm
I also saw Cabaret with John Stamos and Molly Ringwald. I kin of liked Stamos but I just didn't care for Molly. The only thing I didn't like about Cabaret was the price of the drinks.
I'm glad you liked Anna in the Tropics too.