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Taboo postponed again

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Broadway Star
Taboo postponed again#0
Posted: 11/1/03 at 11:22pm
The word on the street is that Taboo has postponed its opening night to an undetermined time and the director has been fired.This is the first show that I have ever heard where everyone in the business hopes it fails because they hate rosie so much. If half the stories coming out of that theater are true then it is a total nightmare!
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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
re: Taboo postponed again#1
Posted: 11/1/03 at 11:36pm
read rosie quotes
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re: re: Taboo postponed again#2
Posted: 11/2/03 at 4:49am
like i said before, rosie put herself in the picture frame (the media) instead of letting the show be the star. All the good bad and ugly that rosie insights or just gets because she gets it also follow the show. For those who haven't heard the song "stranger in this world" from the show, it's just a beautiful song that moved me from hearing it on the internet. I think they should have released that song with Euan's performance to radio way ahead of time. It is so rare that a song from a Bway show even fits radio formats but this one transends any format. I sounds like a boy george song that any singer could sing. I still think its not too late to use radio play to get pr and support for the show. It worked for Lloyd webber. i just dont know why they didnt go to the radio first and get the pop, gay and otherwise media saavy audience on their side early on. Its the Bway industry snobs that are killing the vibe. And maybe a few marketing mistakes. It's too late for rosie to get out of the picture but she should chill.