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This Past Weekend

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This Past Weekend#0
Posted: 9/7/03 at 8:20pm
My wife & I saw both Hairspray & Chicago on Saturday

Re Hairspray, show was great & Winokurs replacement was fabulous. Chicago was better than I expected show wise. I always thought how could it be good with no sets etc. Melanie & David Hassellhoff should not be on the same stage together as the result would be catastropic. She was passable. There were 5 people out including the actress who played Velma. She was great & reminded me in mannerisms & voice of Bebe Neuwirth

The bathroom situation at the Ambassador is horrendous. All the bathrooms are upstairs & it was a mob scene. A fistfight almost broke out at the ladies room. It is an accident waiting to happen. The theater owners should invest the $$ from their bogus facility fees to upgrade the woefully inadequate bathroon situation at many theaters. There is apparently a new practice of not opening doors a half hour before & forcing people ( with tickets) to stand in a block long line & wait.

Got tickets for Wicked next valentines day, There were about 3 people in line at the box office ( not a good sign)

By the way, I saw the king & queen of latecomers . They actually came in about 25 minutes before intermission @ Hairspray. Either they are incredibly stupid or vane enough to be willing to waste $ 200 & tickets to a monster hit just so they can bring attention to themselves by coming in so late. Boy they must be important if they can spend $ 200 & come in so late is what some may think.
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re: This Past Weekend#1
Posted: 9/7/03 at 9:40pm
Oh I have to agree with you about the Ambassador. What was the bathroom, two or three floors up. I had a contusion on my knee and was only able to move slowly. The line was 20 miles long. By the time I hobbled downstairs, the show already start and about 20 of us had to stand during the second act. My leg, of course, was in bad shape by the end of that show.
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re: re: This Past Weekend#2
Posted: 9/7/03 at 11:05pm
I don't think only three people at the box office for Wicked is a bad sign. When I got tix for The Producers when it was still in previews I was the only one at the BO. That show seems to have done pretty well...