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'Cuccioli Von Trapp' !

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'Cuccioli Von Trapp' !#0
Posted: 9/5/03 at 4:42pm
Don't know if it's been mentioned...but Robert Cuccioli will play the Capt. in the Paper Mill's Production of "Sound of Music" which runs from Oct. 31 to Dec. 14. NICE CHOICE!

Cooch has come a long way from his Jekyll days and continues to land interesting roles. He's a grown to be a very versitle actor. Hope some of you catch this one. BWW regional writer "Philadelphia/South Jersey"
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re: 'Cuccioli Von Trapp' !#1
Posted: 9/5/03 at 6:09pm
i guess following in the "dark and handsome and brooding" Captain tradition currently displayed in the short tour with Burke Moses as von Trapp (this departs from the traditional "blondish and aristocratic and stiff-upper-lip" Captains of Plummer and Richard Chamberlain)...

i'd like to see Cucc in it. Wished i could have seen him as the movie star in SWEET CHARITY.
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re: re: 'Cuccioli Von Trapp' !#2
Posted: 9/5/03 at 10:52pm
Wow! That's a perfect role for Cuccioli! He's going to be amazing.