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Currently seeking :Standby for Hugh Jackman

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Just saw this from

"Wed. Sept. 3--Equity male performers who sing, 10AM.

Currently seeking: stand-by for Hugh Jackman (Peter Allen), 30s-40s, 5'11" or taller, sings to a G, excellent singer must be able to sing a '70s pop style, excellent actor, handsome and likeable, flamboyant, charismatic, and appealing, good mover, Australian accent not necessary for audition. Only audition if you are available to start immediately. "

As I'm not from the theatre industry, this is the first time I have seen the specs for standby actors in a call for an audition. Does a standby take precedence over an understudy when the principal actor is not available? Who substitutes for him on scheduled vacation leaves?

Anyone interested?

I wonder if this is also a chance for the actor to be considered for XMen3 should Hugh be too busy to go back for the next sequel Currently seeking :Standby for Hugh Jackman

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Not to be crude...
But I would standby, stand on, sit under, lay next to -- whatever is needed for Hugh Jackman and BFO
...this is wrong on so many levels... Diane Lane in "Must Love Dogs" "If you have poo, now is the time to fling it" -- The Monkey's from Madagascar
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re:  Currently seeking :Standby for Hugh Jackman now I am sad. Since they will have a stand-by, it means John Hill won't get to go on as Peter as much re:  Currently seeking :Standby for Hugh Jackman