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Am I a Shill?

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Am I a Shill?#0
Posted: 9/30/04 at 10:25am
For Peter Pan?

Or...just a very obsessed poster?
"The Spectacle has, indeed, an emotional attraction of its own, but, of all the parts, it is the least artistic, and connected least with the art of poetry. For the power of Tragedy, we may be sure, is felt even apart from representation and actors. Besides, the production of spectacular effects depends more on the art of the stage machinist than on that of the poet."
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re: Am I a Shill?#1
Posted: 9/30/04 at 10:28am
You're not a shill, sweetie. You're just a crazed fan. And we love you for it. re: Am I a Shill?
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re: Am I a Shill?#2
Posted: 9/30/04 at 10:35am
CapnHook, you're our Peter-Pan-Obsessed-Crazy-Nut. And we think you're the coolest.
Real men are tenors.
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re: Am I a Shill?#3
Posted: 9/30/04 at 11:02am
The shill radar shows nothing on the screen, regarding CapnHook...
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re: Am I a Shill?#4
Posted: 9/30/04 at 12:21pm
Luckily there has been no T2C news lately otherwise that would probably be the only thing I would have posted about the last few weeks. (I really haven't found many things that interest me on the board lately.) I would probably be tied to a stick and roasted tiki style if I kept going on about T2C after the presentation, but I am making an attempt to add things to the OT board at least. I am finding it harder to post on the Main Board because of my lack of being to New York makes me feel more and more separated from everything. I am at the point where I just need to go, but that won't happen for awhile. Oh and am I shill?
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