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A little help

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A little help#0
Posted: 9/14/04 at 9:55pm
Ok, well I'm trying out for "The Crucible" next tuesday, and I need to find a dramatic monolouge under two minutes for a guy. I really suck at finding monologues, so any help is appreciated. Thanks so much everyone.
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re: A little help#1
Posted: 9/14/04 at 11:19pm
Major bookstores such as Borders or Barnes & Noble sell books of monologues - just as for the drama section.
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re: A little help#2
Posted: 9/15/04 at 9:28am
There's a great piece I used once a few years ago from The Elephant Man - its at the end of the play and its very strong - but unfortunately I can't remember it at the moment - but if you get a copy of that play there are actually several good monologues for men in it.
"I don't really get the ending,all i can go with is when after several months,Judith saw Pat sang,and later she kissed him on the toilet,after that the story back to where Pat went down from the stage after he'd sung,and he went to the italian lady.I just don't get it,what Judith exatcly meant when he kissed Pat that she had seen,and did Pat end up together with The Italian Lady?Please help me,thank u very much!" Quote from someone on IMDB in reference to a movie he/she didn't understand. Such grammar!