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Still Standing

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Still Standing#0
Posted: 9/13/04 at 8:36pm
Renee Olstead plays the older daughter, and they just had her singing Summertime from Porgy and Bess. I'm not completely sure that it really was her, because it was such a mature voice. But, the performance was pretty long, and the comic payoff was weak, so there really would have been no point in having that there for any other reason then to show off her voice. I think I'm overanalyzing. Can anyone confirm?
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re: Still Standing#1
Posted: 9/13/04 at 8:38pm
Yes, that's really her voice. She has recorded a couple of CD's in fact. She was singing more weakly in the other scenes because that last scene was a dream. But that was her real voice.
Renee Olstead's CD
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