the AFL-CIO rally today -- inspiring (I was there)

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It got far less coverage than most others, but the pro-Labor rally today on 8th ave was wonderful, inspiring, and empowering. I went with the Writers Guild, an august group of about 60, all of us decked out in our spiffy black t-shirts. But it was really exhiliarating to stand next to the sheet metal workers, transit workers, hotel/hospital workers, etc. Good ol boys n'girls too often assumed to be in the Republican hip pockets. The protestors against Bush are consistently portrayed as elistist left-wing intelligensia, navel-gazing radicals woefully "out of touch" with "mainstream" America. To stand next to so many rank n'file members of blue collar professions -- hourly wage earners -- who feel disenfranchised and furious at this regime gave me a new sense of outrage--AND hope and optimism. Yeah, okay, it was a little like the end of act one of EVITA -- "A New Argentina" -- and the fervor was infectous. But it was also humbling. The Firefighters and the iron workers -- the men who'd literally dug corpses out of Ground Zero -- were repped at the rally, and they are pissed--not pleased to have their work not only exploited by this Administration but now also taken for granted with his new overtime rollbacks. The work force in this country want to take back America -- not just "Bush bashers" in blue state enclaves.
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