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Team America: World Police

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Team America: World Police#0
Posted: 8/27/04 at 4:23pm
Team America: World Police

"This politcally-minded comedy action adventure tells the story of Team America, a group of superhero-style adventurers who travel the world fighting terrorism and other evils. Specifically, the story focuses on a typical "action hero" who is recruited to join Team America for a special mission, as a satire of the typical Hollywood action movie, using a combination of wood marionette-driven action sequences and stirring tongue-in-cheek musical numbers."

There are more pics at the link.
Team America: World Police

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re: Team America: World Police#1
Posted: 8/27/04 at 4:38pm
And let's not forget who is composing the music for this film. Anyone? Anyone?

Marc Shaiman
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re: Team America: World Police#2
Posted: 8/27/04 at 4:47pm
Marvel Comics had a title called 'Team America' in the 70's.

Man, I hope everyone got the trademark stuff worked out before this got made ...
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re: Team America: World Police#3
Posted: 8/27/04 at 4:54pm
I love puppets.
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