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Waiting Gor Guffman

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Waiting Gor Guffman#0
Posted: 7/25/03 at 12:48am
So this is kinda off topic, but is still theater related... After Guffman was released the actors toyed with the notion of doing the show on Broadway for a limited run. What if they did and it was really successful, and turned into an open ended run after the original cast left? Who would you pick to replace them?

I'd pick:

Corky St Clair : Harvey Fierstein is the only person who jumps to my mind, but I'm sure there are others. Maybe Nathan Lane?

Ron Albertson : Gary Beach, in a role he was born to play! But after his behavior in Dance of the Vampires, Michael Crawford seems like a natural for a pompous windbag.

Sheila Albertson : I hate to keep bringing her up, but I think Karen Mason would be hysterical in this role.

Dr. Alan Pearl : I'd say Mark Kudish, but he may be a little too young.

Libby Mae Brown : Call me crazy, but I think Marissa Jaret Winoker is the only person who could follow Parker Posey!

Clifford Wooley : Tom Bosley

Who else do you think could do it? (I can see it now... Sutton Foster as Libby Mae!!!)

If Lincoln were alive today, do you think he'd be pleased with his tunnel?
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re: Waiting Gor Guffman#1
Posted: 7/25/03 at 8:40am
Libby Mae...def. Kerry Butler lol..