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Chicago - The City - trip...

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Chicago - The City - trip...#0
Posted: 8/19/04 at 10:11am
Hey peeps...I'm going to Chicago for vacation next week. Just wondering about a few things...There are two ticket booths for 1/2 off tickets, correct? I know F/Johnny is being done at Steppenwolf...selling out? Any specific piano bars to hit? Or any suggestions on anything? Sorry to be vague - young and open to anything!

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re: Chicago - The City - trip...#1
Posted: 8/19/04 at 11:19am
heres a site for the half priced ticket booth:
If you have time, you should really check out the new Millenium Park. It just opened in july so its brand new. I dont know of any cool piano bars...but you can try this site:
have a nice trip!
"Chicago is it's own incredible theater town right there smack down in the middle of the heartland. What a great city! I can see why Oprah likes to live there!" - Dee Hoty :-D
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re: Chicago - The City - trip...#2
Posted: 8/19/04 at 12:55pm
Piano bars/cabarets:
The Gentry (gay bar)
Davenport's (gay/mixed crowd)
The Redhead (more mainstream - upscale)
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re: Chicago - The City - trip...#3
Posted: 8/19/04 at 1:42pm
Gentry has two locations: one on State Street near the Magnificent Mile (give me a shout if you go there) and one in North Halsted in Boystown.

Another good piano bar is Howl at the Moon including two pianists that play virtually any pop song by request.

I know Frankie and Johnny has been selling out, but has 20 $20 tickets available at 11am the day of show and half price standby available one hour before curtain.

If you have the time, take the train (Metra North Line to Davis or CTA Purple Line to Foster) to Evanston to catch the Light Opera Works production of Candide. By far, the best regional musical production I have seen since I moved to Chicago. It is MAGNIFICENT!
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