Just a reminder re: Guidelines....

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Just a reminder re: Guidelines....#0
Posted: 8/17/04 at 1:43pm
Just a general reminder as to the two main guidelines regarding what will get a post deleted on this board...

1) Please post with courtesy (and common sense) - no use of profanity, obscenities, or name calling.

2) No personal attacks - we all have different opinions - disagree with the view, not with the person.

I've just removed another thread of such posts, and it disappoints me that what I consider to be intelligent folks feel the need to post such things to test the waters, or to stir trouble.

Personal attacks to anyone, and especially to those folks who volunteer their valuable time contributing to the site will be removed. The Off Topic board provides a fantastic home for a plethora of creative, intelligent people to discuss a wide variety of life and social issues. Let's try to keep it that way, and keep the personal and other nonsense off.