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Country Music Radio in NYC?

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Country Music Radio in NYC?#0
Posted: 8/10/04 at 10:22pm
I was curious if there is a country music radio station in NYC. I have tried to find one, but have not been successful. Does anyone know???
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re: country music radio in nyc?#1
Posted: 8/10/04 at 10:54pm
nope, star, no country station sin the big city as far as i can tell and i've been here a while.

closest thing is wkcr 89.5 on sunday morning from 10-2 with the moonshine show and the tennessee border show. if you're looking to hear country music though, try doc holliday's (ave. a and 9th) or red rock west (17th st. and 10th ave.). it's not live music, but there's plenty of cowboy hats and boots! they're both a li'l dicey, but fun.

oh and a suggestion to your restaurant query from another thread, try the delta grill in 48th and 9th (resonably priced and tasty cajun).
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