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Any song ever make you blush?

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Any song ever make you blush?#0
Posted: 7/31/04 at 5:11pm
I am a very open person and not much gets to me but there has been one song to make me Blush... My Girlfriend, Who Lives in Canada... from Ave Q... Everything was all good until the last thing he says... LoL
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re: Any song ever make you blush?#1
Posted: 7/31/04 at 5:37pm
Well, not me, but my parents were VERY uncomfortable upon hearing "You Can Be As Loud As the Hell You Want (When You're Making Love). re: Any song ever make you blush?
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re: Any song ever make you blush?#2
Posted: 7/31/04 at 5:58pm
"toucha toucha toucha touch me" from RHPS made me blush the first time i heard it. now i can't get it out of my head. "sweet transvestite" too. the whole movie was bizarre the first time around and now i cant get enough of it.
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re: Any song ever make you blush?#3
Posted: 7/31/04 at 6:32pm
Listening to the BARE sampler in the car, then realizing "You and I" coming my mom sits there with a confused expression on her face. Definitely blushed there.
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re: Any song ever make you blush?#4
Posted: 7/31/04 at 6:37pm
When I saw Bare, "One". Anyone who's seen the show, knows why.
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re: Any song ever make you blush?#5
Posted: 7/31/04 at 6:40pm
"see me" from BARE kinda got me to blush in the car with my mom. hehe for some odd reason i was hoping she wasnt thinking that i was gay and coming outa the closet. =P
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re: Any song ever make you blush?#6
Posted: 7/31/04 at 7:06pm
Kinda silly - i loved Cole Porter's songs a kid. Then I grew up found out he was gay and have never been able to hear "But If Baby I'm the Bottom You're the Top" in QUITE the same countenance!!
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re: Any song ever make you blush?#7
Posted: 7/31/04 at 7:27pm
Contact from Rent if my mother is around. Or anyone I don't know that well.
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re: Any song ever make you blush?#8
Posted: 7/31/04 at 7:52pm
That moment in Avenue Q's "The Internet is for Porn" when Kate Monster says, "Normal people don't surf the Internet for porn all day!" and Trekkie Monster replies "Oh, really?" and turns to the audience. re: Any song ever make you blush?

Actually, that song is full of great rhymes that make me blush: "Grab your dick and double click!" and "Sorry Kate, I masturbate" are probably two of the best rhymes in the history of musical theatre!
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re: Any song ever make you blush?#9
Posted: 7/31/04 at 8:07pm
insomniak i was going to say the same thing.
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re: Any song ever make you blush?#10
Posted: 7/31/04 at 8:38pm
yea, the end of my girlfriend who lives in canada, and the internet is for porn, if my parents, or people im not friends with are around
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re: Any song ever make you blush?#11
Posted: 7/31/04 at 8:42pm
I never let my mom here you can be as loud as the hell you want till the actuall show.
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re: Any song ever make you blush?#12
Posted: 8/1/04 at 12:42am
I've never actually been uncomfortable listening to a song with my parents around, thats probably because my parents are totally okay with whatever I decide to listen to. I have a friend who, whenever we're in the car together, still freaks out at the end of My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada. She's seen the show 4 times, and still it makes her blush at the end. The weird part about it is usually I'm more likely to be uncomfortable than she is about something but she said what freaks her out is that I, a straight, female, friend of hers, has no problem singing it, including the last line as if it were normal.
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re: Any song ever make you blush?#13
Posted: 8/1/04 at 1:03am
I'm given a lot of sexual songs for some reason...

When I had to perform "A Call From the Vatican" and was working on it in front of my class, I turned BRIGHT red every time I got to the orgasm. I finally got over it and just let go. re: Any song ever make you blush?

My voice coach decided to add "Lost and Found" from City of Angels to my repertoire... the first time I sang it in front of her I turned red at the 'pleasing thighs' bit. Mwahaha. Let's just say she advised I figure out why I'm uncomfortable with sexual numbers and get over it because I'm bound to get them in my career. *sigh*

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