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I love how....


I love how....#0
Posted: 6/13/03 at 1:16pm
I love how I've heard nothing but crap about Gypsy and Bernie, and now she this amazing turn on the Tony's and suddenly she goes as one of the best performances in Tony history, next to Jennifer Holliday, Betty Buckley and Patti Lupone.

How weird is that? Why does Bernie wait to deliver the goods for TV instead of doing it night after night like everyone else.

I actually wonder how she's been performing since the Tony's. Has she gotten better or gone back to her mechanical performances>>
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re: I love how....#1
Posted: 6/13/03 at 1:35pm
Well I wouldn't say that nothing but crap has been said about her. There are quite a few people who thought she was extraordinary in the role before the Tonys. Lots of critics and theatergoers alike. Maybe they weren't as loud as the detractors or perhaps you didn't choose to hear them or remember them. Now with her interpretation out there for a wider audience to view, more people can put their opinion into the mix and apparently a lot of these new people liked her so that is what you are hearing.
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re: I love how....#2
Posted: 6/13/03 at 2:55pm
No one said it was the best performance ever. They said it was the best TONY performance they had seen in a long time. I think it's interesting that you've only heard "crap" about her. You must read that trashy NY Post.