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Deena as Cruella#0
Posted: 6/28/04 at 9:15am
I saw a regional production of DREAMGIRLS this weekend, and it was verrrry interesting. Preface: I know that show backwards and forwards, as I was a DREAMGIRLS junkie during the original Broadway run. I can discuss Ralph's performance vs. Linda Leilani Brown's performance, compare and contrast the original second act opening with the "Las Vegas" opening inserted by Bennett during the Broadway run, etc.

Anyway, this production was very interesting because it was the director's choice to make Deena a quintessential villainess. Before she gets bumped up to the lead singer, she was the ugly girl of the group, with Edith Prickley cateye glasses on, no less. Than, in the middle of the "Dreamgirls" number, you can actually see her morph into ... well, Diana Ross. During the confrontation scenes with Effie ("Heavy" and the pre-"...I'm Not Going" scenes) she was Maleficent.

Very interesting -- the take different directors have on stuff. But what I really wanted to ask the director is why Lorrell wasn't funny. At all.