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NYC events this week/weekend

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NYC events this week/weekend#0
Posted: 6/8/04 at 12:44pm
Tomorrow is the big day..ill be in the city!! Are there any cool/interesting events happening this week? My GMA tickets were i have extra time. I dont mean like the Measums and stuff..but like events. haha if that makes any sense.
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re: NYC events this week/weekend#1
Posted: 6/8/04 at 12:44pm
Try checking out Time Out New York (I forget their web URL)...good magazine for finding out all things city.
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re: NYC events this week/weekend#2
Posted: 6/8/04 at 2:06pm
Here are some tips:
Go to both the Times Square visitor center 47th 7th across from tkts. Inside they have free computer internet access. You can also make a video of yourself and it will appear in Times Square.
I have not done it but tourists seem to love it. They also have all the tourist magazines you will need.
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Also go to the NYC and Company visitor center for theater flyers and other fun things. (52 7th)
re: NYC events this week/weekend
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