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LionKing in Toronto

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LionKing in Toronto#0
Posted: 6/1/03 at 4:55pm
New rumour has the show poss closing in sept due to the fall out from the drop in tourisim from the SARS scare. Should the producers do like they did in New York & ask for salary concessions from the unions to keeep the show running unti this passes OR cut their losses & concentrate on getting the Producers & Hairspray up for 03 &04 respectively?
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Broadway Star
re: LionKing in Toronto#1
Posted: 6/1/03 at 5:18pm
I saw The Lion King in Toronto over two years ago. I think they have had a great run in Canada. Even without SARS, I think the demand for The Lion King in this market has been slowing recently.
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