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Nader to meet with Kerry today

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Nader to meet with Kerry today#0
Posted: 5/19/04 at 10:05am
Speculation? Nader won't drop out, so what's happening? Cynics, go for it.
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re: nader to meet with kerry today#1
Posted: 5/19/04 at 10:24am
if i had to guess based on having no information, which i don't so i will, i'd lean towards nader meeting to once again ask kerry to take up the issues that he'd raised earlier. remember, he's polling at 5-6% and swinging things toward bush in some polls, so he's got jfk2 by the short ones. if you'll recall, ralphie boy at the beginning went to both the gop and the dems with a series of issues and the promise that if they addressed those issues that he would not run. he's probably going back to kerry to see if he can get him to take them up. that's one idea.

the other, much more delicious idea, is that nader is meeting with kerry to coordinate their attacks on bush so that kerry can supply nader with the points he'd like him to make.
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re: nader to meet with kerry today#2
Posted: 5/19/04 at 10:28am
I think Nader's going to be asking Kerry to stay with Little Shop two more weeks because he bought tickets before she announced she was leaving and it's for three days later!!! He was so bummed because he specifically asked if anybody knew if Kerry was taking a vacation and nobody knew.
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