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Hilary Duff vs. Lindsay Lohan

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Hilary Duff vs. Lindsay Lohan#0
Posted: 5/2/04 at 5:28pm
while waiting in line for movie tickets, there was this group of preteens that were going to see Meangirls talking to this other group behind them about the subject. the meangirls were debating the hilary duff people over who is better. i didnt know this was such a comotion? since when
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re: Hilary Duff vs. Lindsay Lohan#1
Posted: 5/2/04 at 5:47pm
I guess there is a big thing between them, because last night on SNL Lindsay was hosting and said "i'm the girl who's always fighting with Hilary Duff", and then someone dressed up as Hilary, and so that was the beginning of the show...

I really don't know why there's a big thing between them. I would actually be curious why they "fight" with each other and supposedly "hate" each other.
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re: re: Hilary Duff vs. Lindsay Lohan#2
Posted: 5/2/04 at 5:55pm
I think I read somewhere that Duff threw Lohan out of a premire for one of her films. I doubt thats true, just something I read. I tend to favor Lohan, though. She's adorable and I just saw MeanGirls. There was quite alot of swearing and sex talk in that movie, more then I expected. And of course like her other two teen movies, she sang. Not alot, but some.
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It's because they were both dating Aaron Carter at the same time.
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i'm feeling lindsay lohan more, but who's not that important...and a rivalry over aaron carter! oooh!

(drops dead in fear)
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They should bring Celebrity Deathmatch back to MTV and use those 2. I think Lohan would win hands down.
I've seen both girls in movies, and Lohan is a much better actress...also a better singer.
She wasn't great on SNL (obviously kept reading the lines), but she's only 17 and has never done the show before, so I give her credit. I wish I looked as good as her at the age (or even now). She is actually stunning IMHO.
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i have a couple friends who keep up w/ these things heres what lyd says: Lindsay and Hilary were dating Aaron Carter at the same time and he would break up with one of them to date the other and back and forth like that. THen hilary was a t a premiers party and lindsay showed up so hilary had her agent talk to to lindsay's agent to get her out of the party, but finally hilary just left, then on tv lindsay said she loved hilary-and didnt want to be in a fight which pissed hilary off all the more-so now there just a lot of tension between them
:) cco
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To Aaron Carter, all I can say is: well played!