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Wild Bill Hickock Has Bought The Farm

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Wild Bill Hickock Has Bought The Farm#0
Posted: 4/12/04 at 7:13pm
I was shocked when the Wild Bill Hickcock character on Deadwood was killed off last night

He was one of the few interesting characters who did not find it necessary to say f.u. or ********** every other word. His character was well written & made watching Deadwood worthwhile. The producers made a big mistake killing him off.
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re: Wild Bill Hickock Has Bought The Farm#1
Posted: 4/12/04 at 10:40pm
I totally agree. He was also the only clean one on the show. I liked Wild Bill and Montana. I watched half of the show and then turned it off. My brother told me he got shot. He also said in real life, that is how he died.
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