Montclair University Theatre Day

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Montclair University Theatre Day#0
Posted: 2/28/04 at 4:30pm
Well, I attended the Monclair University Theatre Arts Day yesterday, and I was impressed with what I saw. It was essentially an introduction to the Theatre department of the college, your choice of two workshops, and a show presented by some of the students.

One of the great things I liked about the University is that they are creating a Musical Theatre MAJOR, designed so that you can enter it as a singer, dancer, or actor depending on your strongest suit. They will then create a schedule that will work mostly on your strongest parts, but still keep you busy in learning the other aspects of musical theatre to create a triple threat.

Although I didn't see the rest of the college, I liked what they had to say and the idea of having a musical theatre major with concentrations in specific aspects. Also, they're almost finished building a brand new theatre!

Just thought I'd fill in any future acting students!