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Jerry Springer and Pacific Overtures Big Winners

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At the Olivier Awards in London, Jerry Springer The Opera picks up 4 awards including Best New Musical, Best Actor (David Bedella), Best Supporting Performance (the chorus), and Best Sound Design (Mike Walker). Pacific Overtures wins 3 including Best Musical Production, Best Theatre Choreographer (Karen Bruce) and Best Lighting Design (Hugh Vanstone). Maria Friedman also won Best Actress in Ragtime. The awards for plays are all over the place, so I'll just include the link of winners. I think what is most interesting here is that Jerry Springer and Pacific Overtures were the only shows to win more than won award.

Olivier Award Nominees and Winners
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I'm pleased Jerry Springer the Opera won so many, and I think Maria Friedman's award is thoroughly deserved. Millie didn't get any though, that's a surprise, I thought it might get choreography.

A small disappointment is direction. Though I didn't see Grandage's Caligula (which I'm told was excellent), I thought the Ragtime direction was beautifully done. As you all know, there was very little set for the show, it was literally just an orchestra. The way the actors brought it to life was incredible, and I thought that was a fine piece of direction.