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(stage to screen) SAG Awards: Angels In America Actors Won!

Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Another victory for play turned HBO epic film.

Meryl Streep won best female actor in a made for television movie/miniseries for her roles (Hannah Pitt, Ethel Rosenburg, Rabbi, and Angel on Council of Principalities) in Tony Kushner and Mike Nichols project: "Angels in America".

Al Pacino won best actor in a made for television movie/miniseries for his role of Roy Cohn in Angels in America.

Justin Kirk and Jeffrey Wright were nominated in the same category, too. Everyone looked great!
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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
I would've loved to see Justin Kirk win, but I knew it would to to Al Pacino, and well deserved. I'm so glad people from Angels won.

on a side note, the little bit of RENThead in me freaked out when Jesse L. Martin came on at the beginning for a few seconds. Anyone else see?
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