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Taylor Swift - All Too Well: The Short Film

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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend | Joined: 1/9/15

This was a fantastic film and I hope Taylor continues doing more these or even a feature length film! I also want to give a shoutout to Sadie Sink who who gave a fantastic performance. I can’t believe she’s only 19… truly giving a masterclass here. I hope she returns to Broadway some day. 

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Broadway Legend | Joined: 3/31/06

I’m a big fan of her music. I found it fine, but nothing groundbreaking. It seems the stans are christening Taylor a brilliant auteur. It looks like most commercials I see nowadays. 

Also, while many are going mad over “the dishwashing scene” because it was improvised, I found it overwrought and ridiculous. I could tell it was improvised because the actor just kept saying the “f word” over and over. It took me out of the scene. 

Sadie was great, the guy was serviceable. Taylor looked great and got her new notebooks (available for purchase on her website) in the last shot. A powerful cinematic flourish. 

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