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ABBA returns right when the world need them most!!

Theatre Fan3
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Featured Actor | Joined: 1/27/15

ABBA - VOYAGE releases this Friday, November 5th and they released the 3rd track from the album this past week.  I loved the first two tracks they released and this 3rd one has me completely hooked.  I defy anybody to listen to it and not smile and wanna get up and dance!!  I love watching the reaction videos and reading the comments.  40 years since their last new album and they are back better than ever and boy do we need them!!


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Highland Guy
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 12/10/18

On Halloween night, my husband and I joined several neighbors in a front yard to give out treats to the kiddies.  While listening to ABBA.  LOVE ABBA !!  They are timeless.