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2 or 3 Person Plays for Men

Swing | Joined: 11/30/17

2 or 3 Person Plays for Men

Posted: 10/20/21 at 3:15pm
Im looking for either
- a two person play with two male characters, or
- a 3 person play with at least two male characters (the other could be female or male).
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Jordan Levinson
Broadway Star
Broadway Star | Joined: 10/28/19

2 or 3 Person Plays for Men

Posted: 10/20/21 at 3:46pm

From this season, Pass Over and The Lehman Trilogy come to mind.

(heads down to the orchestra pit during the Exit Music)
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 12/4/07

2 or 3 Person Plays for Men

Posted: 10/20/21 at 4:46pm

Lone Star by James McClure (One Act, 3m)

The Public Eye/The Private Ear by Peter Schaffer (2 one acts, each with 1 f/2 m, meant to be played by 3 actors total)

A Steady Rain (full length, 2m)

Red by John Logan (full length, 2 m)

top dog/underdog by Suan-Lori Parks (full length, 2 african american men)


Greater Tuna by Jaston williams (full length, 2m, playing over 20 parts)


Zoo Story by Albee, (2m)


The Dumb Waiter by Pinter (one act, 2m)


Just to name a few.



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Alex Kulak2
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 9/11/16

2 or 3 Person Plays for Men

Posted: 10/21/21 at 11:57am

Pardon the shameless plug of my own work, but I wrote Sink, a play for two men, currently available on the New Play Exchange.

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2 or 3 Person Plays for Men

Posted: 11/24/21 at 1:25pm

Mass Appeal by Bill C. Davis