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Musical tourism in middle America - suggestions?

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Chorus Member | Joined: 4/17/18

Hi All,

I'm collecting ideas for places to visit in middle America (West of the Mississippi River, East of California) that have to do with musicals. For example, the real-life bridges of Madison County, and Music Man Square in Mason City, IA (the inspiration for River City). I hope to be back in New York seeing Broadway shows this Fall, but until then I'd like to scratch the travel itch with some quirky road trips.

Would love to hear your ideas and suggestions!

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Broadway Legend | Joined: 5/11/06

Hannibal, Missouri for Big River.

Kansas City for Oklahoma! - because everything is up to date there

Big D - little A - double L - A - S - for The Most Happy Fella (ok, it's not really a location in the show)

Sante Fe - again, not an actual location in either Rent or Newsies - but maybe you can figure out why it is the place dreamed of. (other than "Fe" is an easier word to rhyme)

Not certain where 110 in the Shade takes place - but it is in the Southwest (likely Texas panhandle).




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Jordan Levinson
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Broadway Star | Joined: 10/28/19

Jackson County, Missouri, or Salt Lake City, Utah (The Book of Mormon)

La Grange, Texas (inspiration for The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas)


Tulsa, Oklahoma (Violet)

Duluth, Minnesota (Girl from the North Country)

(heads down to the orchestra pit during the Exit Music)
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Chicago for Chicago!

I think in The Rainmaker, they're more explicit that it's the Texas panhandle, but I could be wrong.

(I also think it's a little off to consider the southwest "middle america."Musical tourism in middle America - suggestions?

"This thread reads like a series of White House memos." — Mister Matt
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 5/16/16

My Dad's family is from Mason City, been there many times. Do yourself a favor and skip it. I live in KC, and you can hit up a couple here as others have mentioned

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Denver, Colorado…visit THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN’s house/mansion.

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Broadway Legend | Joined: 5/11/06

MichelleCraig said: "Denver, Colorado…visit THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN’s house/mansion."

Where the first thing they tell you is that her name was Margaret and no one called her Molly!


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The Cook County Jail