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Audio creation app for beginners for Android and IOS

Swing | Joined: 4/28/21

The most practical and at the same time more laborious alternative is to create your own music. I was looking for, say, simple program options for beginners who should explore FL Studio APK. After downloading a few options (free and legal, which sounds incredible), it's clear that the only computer we have at home (currently) doesn't meet the minimums for them.

I had some bugs that really bothered me and I left it there. But there are options, right? Who says there are no mobile apps that allow you to create your music? I missed out on some "your device is not compatible" (God, I need a new cell phone!), But hey, seeker found it.

There are several options that appear in the play store; I chose three options, but the first two (Groovepad and Dj Loop Pads) turned out to be not what I was looking for. They require some coordination to add and remove loops in real-time recordings and I'm the one who needs to listen, stop, set, delete and listen again. I lose my time.