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Happy Birthday Chris Sieber

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Happy Birthday Chris Sieber

Posted: 2/18/21 at 7:16am

I think I've managed to catch just about all of his Broadway appearances and have found him great in each of them. I also fondly remember seeing his one-man show at 54 Below a few years back and loving that as well. 

Look forward to seeing him back on stage in Company! I had tickets for late March. broken heart

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Happy Birthday Chris Sieber

Posted: 2/18/21 at 10:55am
I saw him as Albin in the National tour of La Cage Aux Folles in 2012. I just finished high school that summer
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Happy Birthday Chris Sieber

Posted: 2/18/21 at 11:30am

I saw his Albin when the La Cage tour was in Boston. His rendition of "I Am What I Am" left me with my mouth hanging open in awe. It's absolutely the best interpretation of the song I've ever seen and I'll always remember that experience.

Seen him many times on Broadway and he is consistently excellent on stage. Happy Birthday!