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Sunset Boulevard Curve Theatre UK Stream Film


Apologies for highlighting another theatre stream not accessible to North America or Canada but some on the board maybe be able to view and the you tube links at the bottom should allow all to see some of the style of this highly praised performance of Sunset Boulevard

The Curve theatre had planned a dressed concert live performance run in the round and had adjusted their theatre to separate seating groups, one ways paths etc. when the UK tiers/lockdown shut the show down – They had the superb idea of doing a “as live” performance film of it but using the whole of the theatre as the set -  literately – from the first notes when we see Joe Gillis singing the intro from the stalls walking pass the orchestra in the same stall area they use the whole auditorium, stage and backstage as sets which works well with the musical base being sets and sound stages  

It’s a strictly keep a safe distance performance – no touching between any cast which is a bit odd view in the more charged moments but director Nikolai Foster has done some inventive staging which over comes this and the musical lends itself to this format very well

The reviews here have been top stars across the board for the inventive idea and creation – the show does work very well and the sweep of the vast empty theatre for Norma (Ria Jones – covered for Glenn Close at the ENO and also has played the role on tour) Joe Gillis (Danny Mac – standout in this form able to bring the direct to camera asides then switching to interaction with the actors with ease) and a wonderful formidable yet vulnerable Max (Adam Pearce) to wander around in as the story unfolds – (when Max takes Joe up to the spare room its up the winding stairs to the very top of the stage fly's. Norma is first seen alone amongst the empty chairs in the circle/balcony , the main stage is perfect as the movie lot and sound stage etc.)

While recorded its streamed normally three times a day as a performance, no freezing or rewinding allowed but does have a ten-minute interval – up to Jan 9th

The amazing thing is that the Curve theatre (and the Hope Theatre Rent stream) are both small regional theatres yet both have produced very entertaining and innovative shows within both covid restrictions and tiny budgets yet are as solid productions as much more established and financed companies produced even in the pre covid days.

The deal seems to be on the rights they can sell the same number of streams as they could have had people in the theatre over the original planned live run and there is sadly no chance of dvd or future showing rights so any margin must be small but these small theatres are showing that streamed entertainment  can be as vivid and powerful as it can be live – while we wait for seemly several more months at least before any sort of regular normal theatre returns hopefully others companies will see what can be achieved even with current limitations and will fire up some casts and creatives to produce some new streaming shows to tie us over – hopefully with worldwide viewing .

While we wait to see if the Glenn Close movie does take off this has shown that a filmed version of sunset can be a far more powerful and inventive choice than we might have thought. If you have the chance to view, I highly recommend

Trailer - – they have several clips about the show on the curve theatre channel

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Broadway Legend

Does anyone know WHY they won't stream this to North America?

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Broadway Legend

Lot666 said: "Does anyone know WHY they won't stream this to North America?"

This isn't rocket science: it's likely a rights issue. 

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Broadway Star

Has anyone from North America successfully used a VPN to bypass the region block on this?

I want to give it a try, but I don't want to be out the 20 pound ticket price if it doesn't work.   The site doesn't seem to require a UK billing address for payment.

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