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New Podcast for Musical Theatre Lovers in 2020


Season's Greetings everyone!! 


First, sending you light and love this year. 2020 has been bonkers, and I sincerely hope you're doing well.

Second, this year my friend and I (both actors) started a Podcast where we smoke a bit of herb and watch our fave guilty pleasure musicals (ones you can watch at home). It's a little bit silly, but massively joyful. We laugh and geek out a lot.

Making this has been awesome, and has really helped me to not allow my fear and dread to overshadow my true, and intense love for theatre. This year that has been hard AF for me!! It would mean the world if you'd give it a listen and let us know what you think. So far we've got 12 episodes!! 

Podcast is called High Flyin, Adored
Available wherever you listen!! (Spotify, apple podcasts, podcast app, etc)
Email us at
And if you like us, please rate and review on Apple podcasts!! It helps us immensely!

Thank you so much, wishing you a great end of the year!! 


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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend

You probably should have posted this over on the Broadway board and not the off-Topic board.

Just give the world Love.