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The Death of Dinner Theatre

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Broadway Star | Joined: 5/7/03
The Death of Dinner Theatre#1
Posted: 11/24/20 at 6:41am

Made me sad, though I'll admit I've only been to the Westchester Broadway a couple of times - to see their Phantom (interesting) and the Producers (joyful). 

Any other memories? 

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Leading Actor
Leading Actor | Joined: 8/26/08
The Death of Dinner Theatre#2
Posted: 11/25/20 at 9:55am

I was in the band for quite a few shows at WBT; Saturday Night Fever, Big River, The Bikinis, and a few others. Definitely sad that they couldn't make it through this! It was always tricky climbing into the pit, which was backstage and actually up a ladder, lol, but the production values were good and it was always fun up there. Cheers to everybody who worked there!

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Broadway Legend | Joined: 2/26/12
The Death of Dinner Theatre#3
Posted: 11/25/20 at 12:09pm

This is of course sad news but the headline is misleading and tends to suggest a sentiment that would be inconsistent. 

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Broadway Legend | Joined: 7/29/19
The Death of Dinner Theatre#4
Posted: 11/25/20 at 2:14pm
I was in their phantom! Def a weird show!

And so sad! Thought they’d recover but it’s being totally torn down.
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Sutton Ross
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 7/20/13

K. In Westchester. Dinner theater is done in Westchester County. This headline is beyond misleading. 

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Broadway Legend | Joined: 2/26/12

Even the amended subject line is a little presumptuous. I know next to nothing about that subject but I would think that, if there were a market for it before covid, there might be a market afterwards. I think we have to accept the fact that some familiar things will not make it through intact (for lots of reasons including a greedy landlord or already having survival issues etc) but they may come back under other auspices. People are also saying that covid is the death of restaurants but while it is of course true that many of the existing ones may not make it, people will always have to eat, just like people will always have to come together to witness theatre.