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Seth / Karen Olivo on-demand concert

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Seth / Karen Olivo on-demand concert

Posted: 9/18/20 at 11:42pm

I purchased the original Seth/Karen concert that was troubled by all the technical difficulty.  I was under the impression this recorded performance that is on demand would be offered to me for free since I purchased the original and it was unable to be fulfilled in its entirety.  Am I wrong on this one?  Do I have to pay again?  Because I don't understand how to access this on-demand event without paying for the concert again.  I would appreciate any guidance from those in the know!


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Seth / Karen Olivo on-demand concert

Posted: 9/19/20 at 2:38am

Did you get an email? I got an email with a link automatically without purchasing it separately, but if you also go to and log in in the top right, you should also be able to see a link to it there.