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RIP Howell Binkley

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Jordan Levinson
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RIP Howell Binkley#1
Posted: 8/14/20 at 5:54pm

Upsetting... he lost a lengthy battle with lung cancer. Howell did lighting design for many, many shows, winning Tonys for Jersey Boys and Hamilton (and getting noms for countless others). May he rest in peace.



(heads down to the orchestra pit during the Exit Music)
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RIP Howell Binkley#2
Posted: 8/14/20 at 6:22pm

Sad news. A great talent. He was also one of the great navigators, someone who knew how to negotiate the rough waters and steer the ship to harbor (aka opening night) without hitting an iceberg. 

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RIP Howell Binkley#3
Posted: 8/14/20 at 11:19pm

RIP Howell Binkley

Updated On: 8/14/20 at 11:19 PM
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RIP Howell Binkley#4
Posted: 8/15/20 at 11:14am
His lighting designs proved time and time again that he was master of storytelling. A brilliant artist gone too soon. RIP <3
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RIP Howell Binkley#5
Posted: 8/16/20 at 8:31pm
I have seen Memphis, Jersey Boys and In the Heights.