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"Hair" Blu-Ray [Signature Edition]

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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
"Hair" Blu-Ray [Signature Edition]#1
Posted: 7/18/20 at 12:24am



In case any one is interested, Olive Films via their Olive Signature Edition series just released a newly restored edition of Milos Forman's 1979 film adaptation of the landmark 1968 Broadway musical, "Hair".

In addition to the restored version of the film the disc includes the following extra bonus features that dives deep into the making of the film:

Audio Commentary by Treat Williams and Assistant Director Michael Hausman

"The Tribe Remembers" - with actors Beverly D'Angelo, John Savage, Annie Golden, Don Dacus, Dorsey Wright and Ellen Foley

"Making Chance Work: Choreographing 'Hair'" - with choreographer Twyla Tharp

"Cutting 'Hair'" - with editors Lynette Klingman and Stanley Warnow

"'Hair' Style" - with production designer Stuart Wurtzel

"Artist, Teacher, Mentor: Remembering Milos Forman" - with director James Mangold

Essay by Sheila O' Malley

Suggested retail price is $34.99 but you can shop around and get it for a lower price. I purchased my copy from for $23.99


Updated On: 7/18/20 at 12:24 AM