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If You Could Give a Concert of Ten Theatre Songs, What is Your Set?

Lanie J
Swing | Joined: 11/27/19

Here is mine, although I'll probably end up kicking myself for missing something.

1. What Baking Can Do- Waitress. I don't usually sing upbeat songs (whether or not this is upbeat is still in debate) but I love this song and I think it would be a fun way to open.

2. One Boy- Bye Bye Birdie. I was playing Ursula in my school production before the pandemic hit, and I was supposed to be in the trio singing this song. I'd love to perform it on stage someday.

3. I Miss the Mountains- Next to Normal. I know this is a downer, and that's what I have to sing it early on. I can't let myself end on an emotional wreck.

4. Ten Minutes Ago- Cinderella. I'd do it as a solo version, and this is the first musical I ever saw. I was five years old, and I'd love to pay tribute to that childhood.

5. Climbing Uphill- The Last Five Years. We need another up tempo song by this point, and I think this is one of the Cathy songs that isn't extremely overdone (Still Hurting or Summer in Ohio, anybody?)

6. Beauty and the Beast- Beauty and the Beast. I just need to add some childhood Disney nostalgia, and Mrs. Potts is a dream role for me.

7. At the Ballet- A Chorus Line. Again, this would be a solo, but I think that the spoken parts could be a very fun way to interact with the audience, who is surely getting bored by this point.

8. Hello, Young Lovers- The King and I. I don't think I'll ever get to play Anna in a racially sensitive production, but I absolutely adore this score and I will dream of singing my favorite Anna song.

9. As If We Never Said Goodbye- Sunset Boulevard. Overdone to death, but Norma is one of my dream roles as well (one I might actually play, lol) and I think this would make a wonderful penultimate number.


10. A Soft Place to Land- Waitress. The second Waitress song on this list, but be glad that neither one of them is She Used to Be Mine. I'd go for the most intimate feeling I can possibly get with this song: taking off my shoes, perhaps sitting down on the stage, etc. I'd love to end on a slow, but optimistic note, and if the last words the audience hears from me are "May we all be so lucky" I would be at peace.

I know that this set wouldn't function super well IRL, because nobody wants that many slow and sad songs, and having more of them dampens the emotion of each song. But this is just my dream list, and I'd love to hear your thoughts and your own lists.

"See a picture of a woman wearing four years of confusion like a scar."
Swing | Joined: 6/29/20

There are a few strategies that can be utilized to battle stagefright, yet the greater part of them center exclusively around traversing that absolute first line. When that is off the beaten path, everything will in general become alright, so giving yourself something explicit to do before singing your first note can do some incredible things.

Kodi nox

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Turkey Lurkey Time eight times in a row. Parable of the Monkey from Her First Roman. Then Turkey Lurkey Time again for the encore.

The show will be called “Why, Broadway?”
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Charley Kringas Inc
Broadway Star
Broadway Star | Joined: 8/12/11

If I did this it would be a whole Live at Liberty-style evening:

1) Applause from Applause, cut up a bit for some jokes/monologuing/audience interaction

2) When You're Right, You're Right from Woman of the Year, with alternate lyrics reflecting my life and career, with my pianist as a stand-in for Gerald

3) Ring Of Keys from Fun Home after discussing my first crush, Al Borland

4) All You Can Do from Lolita, My Love, re: my needy first boyfriend and internet culture in general

5) Go Visit Your Grandmother from 70, Girls, 70 as a tribute to all the actresses that inspired me as a kid and teenager

6) Duet for One from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, because it's fun

7) Honey from Merrily We Roll Along, as words to my past self

If You Could Give a Concert of Ten Theatre Songs, What is Your Set? Hushabye Mountain from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang after a monologue about my mother's illness

9) The Grass Is Always Greener from Woman of the Year as a duet between the two people I feel like I am sometimes, with rewritten lyrics

10) But The World Goes Round from New York, New York because LIZA

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My actual serious answer: I would want to do a performance of Elton John’s concept album “Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy,” because the theme of a successful artist missing his shambling amateur days (but admitting that his work is much better now) resonate so much with my experiences going from writing sketch comedy in a basement with my garage band to having a show Off-Broadway but not being able to get back to the “just for fun” of it anymore.
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Charley Kringas Inc
Broadway Star
Broadway Star | Joined: 8/12/11
But the encore would be Turkey Lurkey Time, right?
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Broadway Legend | Joined: 2/5/09
Of course. Eight times.
Swing | Joined: 7/10/20

But the encore would be Turkey Lurkey Time, right?     Subway surfers mod apk

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okay i'll play along:



3..MUCH MORE...Fantasticks


5..WITH ONE LOOK...Sunset Blvd.


7..JOURNEY TO THE PAST...Anastasia

8..I MISS THE MOUNTAINS...Next To Normal

9..WHAT I DID FOR LOVE...A Chorus Line

10..I'M STILL HERE...Follies...

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In no particular order.

1) I'm Alive - Next To Normal.

2) Stick It To The Man - School Of Rock

3) Wake Me Up When September Ends - American Idiot.

4) One Song Glory - Rent

5) Lost In The Darkness - Jekyll & Hyde

6) Raise A Little Hell - Bonnie & Clyde

7) Goodbye - Catch Me If You Can

8) Your Nothing Without Me - City Of Angels

9) My Eyes Adored You - Jersey Boys

10) Say It To Me Now - Once

Swing | Joined: 7/17/20

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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend | Joined: 2/10/11

I am not singer, so I will answer 'if I could see ...'.  In no strict order:

1.  I Have Dreamed -- TKAI

2.  Lucy and Jessie -- Follies

3.  Memory (with no reference to CATS, which I hate).

4.  Embraceable You -- Girl Crazy

5.  Move On -- SITPWG

6.  She Loves Me

7.  Nowadays -- Chicago

8.  People Will Say We're In Love -- Oklahoma

9.  i've Grown Accustomed to Her Face -- MFL

10.  The Party's Over -- Bella Are Ringing



1.  Surrey With the Fringe on Top (but ONLY if sung by Damon Duanno...who know that song could be so erotic?)

2.  Betrayed -- The Producers 9for me, this is probably the funniest theatre song)

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Chorus Member | Joined: 6/17/19

I'm Still Here  -  FOLLIES

Losing My Mind  -  FOLLIES

Another Winter in a Summer Town  -  GREY GARDENS

Will He Like Me?  -  SHE LOVES ME

I Will Never Leave You - SIDE SHOW

Buenos Aires  -  EVITA

No Time At All  -  PIPPIN

Rose's Turn - GYPSY

Anything Goes - ANYTHING GOES

Javert's Suicide - LES MISERABLES

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Queer Little Insect — archy and mehitabel

Mene, Mene, Tekel — PINS AND NEEDLES

The Ballad of the Sad Young Men — THE NERVOUS SET

Ah, But Underneath — FOLLIES

Softly as in a Morning Sunrise — THE NEW MOON

Baby Dream Your Dream — SWEET CHARITY

Second Threepenny Finale — THREEPENNY OPERA (Mannheim/Willet trans.)

The Cigarette Song — PROMENADE

Anyone Can Whistle — ANYONE CAN WHISTLE

Spread a Little Happiness — MR. CINDERS

She was a good cook, as cooks go; and as cooks go, she went.
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Clearly, I thought about this for a minute. It's more than 10 songs, but instead, 10 sets. I'd do it with a proper 4-piece band + some string guests ala Nirvana Unplugged. Occasionally I'd talk to the audience. It would be very odd. The finale would intentionally be meant to leave people befuddled and unsure if the show is over or not. I'd perform is as if Jeff Buckley and Edith Piaf had a baby and that baby grew up and decided to sing showtunes. The only really genuine part would be set 8, in-which the lullaby made me think of my dad, and Bring Him Home is my mum's favorite song from any musical ever. Enjoy.

  1. Intro: A Perfect Relationship (Bells are Ringing)
  2. Everybody Loves Louis (Sunday in the Park with George)
  3. The Turd Medley *: Little Bird, Green Finch and Linnet Bird, Little Chavaleh (Man of La ManchaSweeney ToddFiddler on the Roof)
  4. Solo Scene **: Lovely Ladies (Les Miserables)
  5. Band Moment ***: Paris Waltz, Wedding Dance, Taverna Dance (Candide, Fiddler on the RoofIllya Darling)
  6. Fishnet Corner: Charity’s Soliloquy, Dis-Donc (Sweet CharityIrma la Douce)
  7. Femme Tears: What Makes Me Love Him, Somewhere That’s Green, Wicked Little Town (The Apple TreeLittle Shop of Horrors, Hedwig and the Angry Inch)
  8. Hey mom and dad!: Itzik’s Lullaby, Bring Him Home (The Band's Visit, Les Miserables)
  9. What a Piece of Work is Man (Hair)
  10. Finale (1776)

* -  considering my audience would hopefully know my humor, this medley would be to set the mood. I'd sing each song (or some shortened variation in medley form) replacing the word "bird" with "turd" and we'd do it punk rock fashion (not in sound, but in that we didn't ask for permission from the various estates).

** - as one might have guessed, I'd sing the entire song doing different voices for the various characters, and the intent would be to horrify the audience into staying put for the rest of the show.

*** - i.e. I might change my outfit if I'm feeling especially Bernadette that night. otherwise, I'd probably do a shot and dance like Debbie Harry or something. 

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1.  Another Hundred People - COMPANY

2.  The Music & The Mirror - A CHORUS LINE

3.  Opening Overture - PROMISES, PROMISES

4.  Corner of the Sky - PIPPIN

5.  Another Suitcase in Another Hall - EVITA

6.  Always Starting Over - IF/THEN

7.  The Wizard and I - WICKED

8.  Don't Rain on My Parade - FUNNY GIRL

9.  Crossword Puzzle - STARTING HERE,  STARTING NOW

10.  A New Life - JEKYLL & HYDE

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Corner of the Sky - Pippin Or Til I hear you sing - Love never dies
Land of Lola - Kinky Boots (?) or Where is the Life that late I led - kiss me Kate
I’ll Cover You Reprise - RENT ( with special guest)
All the Wasted Time - Parade (with Special Guest)
If I Can’t Love Her - Beauty and the Beast
Luck Be A Lady - Guys and Dolls
Help Me Face The Night - Rebecca (with Special Guest)
Written In The Stars-Aida(with Special guest)
Goodbye - Catch Me If You Can

Signature theatre piece

Some that I would like to add but they weren’t originally from shows (minus Sunday): Flight. Far Longer Than Forever. Sunday. Beauty and the Beast. Take Me To the World
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Broadway Legend
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With a choir and special duet guests:

So Familiar (Original version) - Bright Star
Down Home - Purlie
I Hate The Bus - Caroline or Change
Answer Me - The Band's Visit
Take Me to the World - Evening Primrose
No More - Into The Woods
The Butterfly - The Story of My Life
Waiting For the Girls Upstairs - Follies
She Cries - Songs For A New World
And the Money Kept Rolling In (And Out) - Evita

Just give the world Love.
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Swing | Joined: 1/30/21

Turkey Lurkey Time eight times in a row. Parable of the Monkey from Her First Roman. Then Turkey Lurkey Time again for the encore. tubemate


Regards, mobdro

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Featured Actor
Featured Actor | Joined: 8/7/11

In no particular order:

1. All That Jazz--Chicago

2. I Dreamed a Dream--Les Miserables

3. The Wizard and I--Wicked

4. I'm Not That Girl--Wicked

5. Omar Sharif--The Band's Visit

6. Marry Me a Little--Company

7. Being Alive--Company


9.Nothing--A Chorus Line

10. Rainbow High--Evita

Nos. 6 and 7 I would sing in Rosalie Craig/Katrina Lenk's keys.

Swing | Joined: 2/16/21

In no particular order:

1)      I'm Alive - Next To Normal.

2)      Goodbye - Catch Me If You Can

3)      Embraceable You -- Girl Crazy

4)      Lucy and Jessie – Follies

5)      I Have Dreamed – TKAI

6)      Losing My Mind  -  FOLLIES

7)      Will He Like Me?  -  SHE LOVES ME

8)      Lost In The Darkness - Jekyll & Hyde

9)      My Eyes Adored You - Jersey Boys

10)    Anyone Can Whistle — ANYONE CAN WHISTLE

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opening: Together (On the 20th Cent)/The Other Side of the Tracks (LIttle Me)

Stay with Me (City of Angels)
Jackie (Jacques Brel is Alive and Well..)
Lilac Wine (Dance Me a Song)
Riding on the Moon (St. Louis Woman)
It Never Was You (Knickerbocker Holiday)
Tchaikovsky (Lady in the Dark)
Moonshine Lullaby (Annie Get Your Gun)
I Got Love (Purlie)

encore: Here I'll Stay (Love Life)

Swing | Joined: 5/21/21

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Fagnes Gooch
Chorus Member
Chorus Member | Joined: 11/6/19

darquegk said: "Turkey Lurkey Time eight times in a row. Parable of the Monkey from Her First Roman. Then Turkey Lurkey Time again for the encore.

The show will be called “Why, Broadway?”


I love you. So so much.

Swing | Joined: 6/9/21

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