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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Susan Egan#26
Posted: 6/12/20 at 6:49pm

Gorlois said: "I think you could say this of almost all Disney Princesses TM before the modern era. Certainly Adriana Caselotti (Snow White)and Ilene Woods (Cinderella). I think Mary Costs (Aurora) had a pretty prolific operatic career, but I am not an opera buff. But then Jodi Benson (Ariel), Paige O’Hara (Belle), Linda Larkin (Jasmine), Irene Bedard (Pocahontas)—they’re all primarily known for their performance as a Disney Princess. Of that era, only Ming Na Wen (Mulan) and ghost singers Lea Salonga and Judy Kuhn buck that trend.

In the modern Disney era, they seem to primarily cast establishednames with the exception of Aui’li Cravahlo (Moana).

In the case of Adriana Caselotti Walt himself did everything he could to ensure that her voice was only associated with Snow White. She was uncredited in the film, and he actively blocked her from appearing in other projects. She had two further onscreen "appearances" in her career. One as the voice of Juliet in "If I Only Had a Heart" in The Wizard of Oz, and a second as a bar singer in It's a Wonderful Life

Ilene Woods did file a lawsuit against Disney for royalties when they began releasing movies on home video, following precedent set by Peggy Lee (who actually did win her suit regarding royalties for Lady and the Tramp), and Mary Costa (that case was settled out of court).

Did you know that every day Mexican gays cross our borders and unplug our brain-dead ladies?
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Susan Egan#27
Posted: 6/13/20 at 3:36pm

Susan caused a bit of a stir out here on Long Island a few years ago when the Gateway Playhouse announced her as the star of CABARET. There were articles in the local newspapers and her picture was on posters all over town. When the show opened she was mysteriously missing and another actress was listed in the program. No reason given.

"Long live God!" (GODSPELL)
Updated On: 6/13/20 at 03:36 PM
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Broadway Star
Broadway Star
Susan Egan#28
Posted: 6/13/20 at 5:05pm

Gorlois said: "Of that era, only Ming Na Wen (Mulan) and ghost singers Lea Salonga and Judy Kuhn buck that trend."

You forgot Demi Moore! Susan Egan :-p 


Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Susan Egan#29
Posted: 6/15/20 at 2:54pm
She was a terrific Sally Bowles!