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Light in The Piazza Key Change?

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Light in The Piazza Key Change?

Posted: 5/24/20 at 7:16pm

Hello! As I know that many on these boards are fan of the show (and that Adam Guttel is a lurker here), I felt like this was the best place to ask.

So I was doing some repbook work, going overstuff, you know the drill, when I came across something a little confusing. I was practice ‘The Light In The Piazza’ when I realized the sheet music (which came from the score) I was working off of was in the key of C major and, in the cast recording, Kelli sings it in D major.

Did the key change when it went on tour to be more easily attainable for the actress? It makes sense as it’s happened before (two examples I can think of is Pulled from The Addams Family and So Much Better from Legally Blonde). I was just wondering if anyone could verify this?

(also Mr. Guttel, if you’re reading this, thank you for creating the masterpiece that is Light in the Piazza)

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Light in The Piazza Key Change?

Posted: 5/24/20 at 7:20pm
I recall reading that the published key was lowered a whole step from the original so that it would be easier for the general public to sing/play.
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Light in The Piazza Key Change?

Posted: 5/24/20 at 11:12pm

Keys are often adjusted when published for the mass market in order to make them more accessible to a wider range of musicians/singers. Heck, they're adjusted a lot throughout the writing/rehearsal process to play to the strengths of the cast originating the piece.

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