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Bob Newhart

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Bob Newhart#1
Posted: 5/10/20 at 1:45am

There was an interesting article in my local San Diego paper a couple of days ago about Bob Newhart. I am probably one of the few people on this site old enough to have seen him live in the early 60's. Newhart just turned 90. In 1960 after being an accountant in Chicago, he decided to try stand up comedy. In 1960 he wrote six routines and performed for the first time in Houston. It was his first time in front of an audience on stage. After just two weeks on stage his performance was recorded and made into an LP.  That LP, The Button Down Mind of Bob Newhart became the top selling LP of the year, beating out Sinatra and Nate Cole. These routines are now 60 years old. If you have never heard them and you want a break and have some fun, I would suggest visiting You Tube and going back 60 years to hear a true genius.

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Bob Newhart#2
Posted: 5/10/20 at 12:43pm
Remember those early routines. In my High School talent show I did one about asubmarine. I did it in a civil air patrol uniform as that is all that was available

Don't remember how it went over
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Bob Newhart#3
Posted: 5/10/20 at 5:18pm

When we got our first car with a cassette player installed my dad recorded all of his Bob Newhart and Bill Cosby comedy LPs to cassette and those became the soundtrack to so many road trips. 

I wish one of the streaming platforms would pick up Newhart, as that is his show that I grew up with (though I'm enjoying finally getting to become familiar with The Bob Newhart Show on Hulu)

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