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Permanent Education/Vocation Change

Jordan Levinson
Permanent Education/Vocation Change#1
Posted: 5/6/20 at 1:58am

Cuomo hinted in yesterday afternoon's briefing that online learning and working from home will almost certainly be the norm, even after a vaccine if one is created to combat the virus. Personally, I have had a very positive experience with distant learning in my college so far. What do you guys think of a permanent, 100% online education/vocation platform that has already started?

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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
Permanent Education/Vocation Change#2
Posted: 5/6/20 at 4:03pm

As an educator?  I WOULD HATE IT.   It takes the humanity out of what we do.  I cannot WAIT to go back and see my kids.  

If we're not having fun, then why are we doing it? These are DISCUSSION boards, not mutual admiration boards. Discussion only occurs when we are willing to hear what others are thinking, regardless of whether it is alignment to our own thoughts.
Broadway Star
Broadway Star
Permanent Education/Vocation Change#3
Posted: 5/6/20 at 4:29pm

^^^ I'm not even an educator, just a lifelong student of life, and I hate the idea too. It takes the humanity out of everything, not just education. That doesn't mean some things can't nor shouldn't be done remotely. I did a psychology class online once and that was fine, there are many fields that can be learned and done remotely, but I still don't think a 100% remote education is worth it from just from being a human being. And I'm not even mentioning the fields of work where a remote education literally cannot be done as it would literally impede the education itself. 

We need our fellow humans. Zoom, while useful, will never replace personal connection and companionship.