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Songs about being an open book

Swing | Joined: 11/21/19

Songs about being an open book

Posted: 4/24/20 at 7:48am

So I’m looking for songs that would really fit me for my college auditions: for context, I’m a mezzo soprano belter (idols being Caissie Levy, Idina, and Stephanie J Block—I’ve auditioned w Easy to be Hard from Hair specifically w Caissie’s opt up) with a little bit of true soprano in me when I can (think no one else from Great Comet.) I think some of my biggest traits are: I’m an open book, ambitious, passionate about the arts, committed to projects and things I’m passionate about, EXTRA IN EVERY WAY, and obv totally awkward. So if any of you have suggestions for a girl hmu

Updated On: 4/24/20 at 07:48 AM